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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


Have you ever thought about clay? It all starts out as one giant mass. Then as a potter, you divide it. Making new pieces from each segment. They become different objects that are connected by their past. Eventually, they may live in different corners of the globe but they were once one.

I have been thinking about clay a lot lately. For my ISP I’ve been learning the art of pottery. I have never done anything that is both extremely relaxing and artistically challenging.  Over these past few weeks, I have made a ton of pieces. Each new piece I make, I think about where they may end up. Christmas present for the grandparents in Portland, OR or for the Aunt in Sacramento, CA.

I’m just fascinated by the fact that all of these pieces can end up in different places, serving various purposes but originally, they were all interconnected. They were all me and they continue to be.