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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Dream House

Rumah Impian is the name, saving dreams is the game

Together with Pak Sammy and the gang

We transform the lives of homeless children



My coworkers, the people who make the place fun

We’ve been together two weeks, only begun

And the best part is

There’s more to come


From Monday to Friday, we kick ass

Teaching lessons in and out of class

But don’t forget

We also like to play on the grass


Because our goal is to inspire

A generation teeming with inquire

From living on the streets

To being ready for hire


Yet, religious tolerance is the key

Regardless if the books disagree

For we love brothers and sisters, all

Wouldn’t you agree?


As for the parents, who struggle to provide

We are there to help, as more than a guide

In working to restore your identity

Side by side


However, sometimes I lose focus, sneak a snooze

But one look at the children

And I find my muse

The clothes on my back, the beds they may lose

The things I give slack, the things they can’t choose


These thoughts fill my head

Give torment to my mind

But I find I can now see,

No longer blind


To the ones we’ve clutched

I admire your resiliency

To the ones untouched

Never feel out of proximity


For as the months move on

And the days turn to dawns

As long as there is hope

Your dreams will live on…