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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Hyrdration Party!

I am back writing to all my fans out there. Andes and Amazon group A has just departed Tiquipaya from our 3 week homestay and are laying low in La Paz for the next couple days in order to prepare for our second trek. Hopes are high and once again diamox is being passed around like candy. In order to battle our lack of hydration we came up with a little idea of a hydration party, if you dont know what this is, listen up. Coming from our homestays and drinking maybe a liter of water a day, we really needed to step it up. Upon our second day in La Paz we had planned for the party to take place that evening around 8pm. Earlier in the day, Jhasmany chose random teams out of a hat and tensions were already way too high. We collectively planned a fun game of water pong with a 6 team double elimination bracket that Jeff brewed up himself. The hostel already contained one ping pong table but we felt the need to make another out of chairs, logs, and a rickety piece of plywood. Cups were purchased and before we discovered ping pong balls we found some nice plastic Christmas ornaments that would do the job.

8 o´clock finally rolled around and headlamps lit the roof perfectly, Nalgenes and SteriPens everywhere. With the lights from the city all around us, it was an amazing venue. Teams were talking strategy and all of a sudden the games had begun. The tourny had lasted a whopping 2 hours and a speaker filled the air with Kevin´s beats. When all was said and done the team to come out on top was Jacob & David. Now that the games were over our stomachs were filled to the brim with water. To say the least the bathroom got quite a bit of action that night.

What a great way to spend a night in La Paz. I had an absolute blast and encourage other trips to follow in our footsteps if they´re looking for a fun way to stay hydrated. Remember to drink up and make the most of every moment that you can. Until next time everyone.