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My ISP was learning how to play the flute. From the begginning I had difficulty thinking of an ISP. It is hard to think of an answer when someone asks you “if you could learn how to do anything in a city where it would take a lifetime to do everything there is to do,  what would you learn how to do? ” My mind went from jewlery making, to perfume making, to sitar playing, to so many other possibilities. However, music has always been an important topic to me and I cannot live without it.  Eventually,  I knew that I would want to do something with music, so I decided to learn how to play the flute.

Everyday I met with my flute teacher named Atul and rehearsed with him for about an hour.  He taught me how to blow into the flute, how and where to put my fingers on the flute, how to play different notes, and eventually how to play little songs. Now, I know how to play the flute but I am far from professional.