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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Itinerary Update From Uyuni

Dear friends and family,

After three big days in Potosí, we have arrived in Uyuni! We’ll be out of touch for the next 3 days on the salt flats, but watch for Yaks on the mines of Potosí and Uyuni on Monday!

Nov 24-26: Exploring the Salar de Uyuni. We’ll be out of touch for a few days as we drive and hike across the largest salt flat on Earth. We hope to learn about the geologic history and the current lithium mining that’s being done by the Bolivian government here, with some technical support from China. Uyuni is taking center stage in the global development of electric cars, as this place alone has more lithium than most other continents have on all their landmass.

Nov 27-30: Sucre! We’ll explore this colonial city for a few days and wrap up our big discussions about colonial history and decolonization. Students are planning some guest speakers and a hike.

Dec 1: Samaipata. We’ll explore some waterfalls near this lower-elevation jungle town.

Dec 2-5: Transference in Samaipata. Transference is our time to slow down, reflect, and ask the biggest questions of our course. What have we learned from Peru and Bolivia? Why does this matter in our lives moving forward? How can we maintain our perspectives as global citizens in a relatively isolated United States or Western Europe? What do we want our engagement with the broader world to be moving forward?

As a Dragons instructor, transference is the time I love the most, when we begin to realize and discuss the depth of the profound learning a semester abroad has given us. It’s a time of celebration, hope moving forward, and of nostalgia for our experience.

Dec 6: Depart from Santa Cruz on international flights.