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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

More Mountains…We’re Not Done Yet…


We thank you for your continued support and patience, allowing students to navigate their time in the city of Patan. They have explored what seems like every nook and cranny, every secret temple courtyard and culinary treat. They have made local friends and have local haunts. But now that we are comfortable in Patan, feeling confidence operating in Nepal, it is time for students to go, time to practice even more leadership skills.

The group has worked together for the past week to plan the Expedition Phase – where students are responsible for planning and carrying out the program for just under a week. They will book transport, lodging, figure out meals and activities, facilitate check-ins and debriefs, all with the goal of becoming even more conscientious travelers.

They have planned X-Phase all while living with their homestay families, continuing their Nepali language lessons, immersing in what Patan has to offer in terms of guest speakers and activities, and learning a local craft.

Tonight we celebrate with homestay families and ISP mentors, and tomorrow students will lead us on a multi-day tea house trek outside of Pokhara, a new Himalayan range. We have heard that they might even bring us to hot springs!

We will be heading out (once again) of wifi and cell range for the week, and then will be busy wrapping up the final portion of the semester in Pokhara.

Until then…


The Him C I-team