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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Music, the universal language

When I first came to Nepal I didn’t think that I would have such an amazing connection to music. The moment that I heard that there were any musical options for ISPs, I was ecstatic. Benjamin and I picked tabla, which are two closed drums that are played together, similar to bongos. I had played hand drums in the past, so I expected it to be easy, but I was very wrong. There were at least 6 different ways to hit the drums, and the combinations of these increased the number. Our mentor, Raju, helped us past the difficult beginning and allowed us to flourish. Raju is part of Kutumba, probably the most famous Nepali folk band. Playing and hanging out with them was probably the coolest thing I have done. During the family party at the end of the homestay, I was able to play guitar with Dirish, who was Lucas’s homestay brother. He was an amazing self-taught guitarist, and even though our languages were different, we communicated through music. All of these experiences changed me as a person and musician.