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Recent photos

1&2: attending a session of parliament in Naypyidaw, the newly-built capital of Myanmar.

3: Hearing from former Dragons and guest-speaker, Stew, who has lived in Myanmar for years and works on environmental issues and resource extraction.

4: Meeting with Cheery Zahua, who has testified for the U.S. Congress, British Parliament, and the United Nations, she is the Country Program Director (Myanmar) for Project 2049, a US Think Tank, and Person of Concern for the UN Human Rights Council. She ran in 2015 for the Chin State Falam Township seat in the Myanmar House of Representatives for the Chin Progressive Party, but lost to the National League for Democracy (NLD) candidate, Salai Zung Hlei Thang. An amazing speaker and woman, she also has a TedX Inya Lake talk about Feminism and women’s issues in Myanmar.

5: Meeting with a ‘Rohingya’ youth group and activists for a pluralistic society. Many of these folks and their family members have had to flee significant persecution and violence.