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San Juan la Lagana

The past few days I have being thinking a lot on how Guatemala reminds me a lot to my country. I kept saying to my students and co-instructors that this place is very similar to the Bolivian Andes. The reason could be that at some level I miss my country or I am enjoying being here and I feel very comfortable. Either way I am enjoying having Tortillas for every single meal, and that is great. I think that I already tried a good amount of different types of Corn tortillas and I am actually looking forward to trying many more variations of them.

Let me tell you that what is making this trip so amazing is the program itself and the way it is designed. I am very grateful to have an amazing company to work for Los dragones. I think that I am learning a lot about myself and also from this beautiful country Guatemaya. I am also grateful to have amazing co-instructors to work with that are passionate about the work they do because they love and enjoy what they are doing. This group in particular is wonderful; we have a great group of students and they make me feel so welcome and be who I am. They bring joy and curiosity to this trip.

Yesterday we arrived to San Juan La Laguna where we will stay over two weeks. Our student will be doing home-stays and also their independent study projects. I am so exited to see everyone working on their personal projects and hopefully I can join them a bit while they are interacting with local people.

As an educator, I consider myself a student as well and everyday there is something new to learn. I have some personal goals for these two weeks and they are to learn some T’zutujil Language, enough that I can say basic phrases to local people, and immerse myself into this beautiful t’zutujil community. I have already made good friends and I cannot be more grateful to all the local people I’ve already met. Maltiox meaning, thank you, to Rosa, our local program coordinator ing San Juan that gave me the opportunity to weave a bit but mostly because Rosa and her family were very nice and patient to teach me some T’zutujil. Also Maltiox to Javier. Last night Javier did this mind blowing welcome ceremony for our group. He is very young but with a vast knowledge of Mayan tradition and spirituality. He gave to every single participant of the ceremony a Mayan symbol called (Nawal) and told us the meaning of it.

I am looking forward to continuing to learn from the people here and have many more good experiences.

Gracias comunidad de Dragones.