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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

The Best So Far… Patan Pt II (Weeks 5-6)

  1. A sadhu (Hindu holy man) waits to cross the road. An example of the symbiotic relationship between urban and spiritual life in Patan.
  2. An elder woman rests agains a windowpane, gazing behind the bars at the other side.
  3. On my morning walk, the mountains decided to say hello behind this man in a topi (traditional Newari hat) and the urban landscape, reminding us who’s really in charge.
  4. The lotus and lights light the way to my homestay home for Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, on the third day of Tihar.
  5. My amaa laughs light on the fourth day of Tihar in front of one of the ancient doors marking the entrance to the Krishna Mondir in Patan’s Durbar Square.
  6. Swayambunath stupa at mid-morning. You can feel the energy coursing in this place where the lotus whose beauty caused Mother Earth to drain the body of water that once occupied the Kathmandu Valley. Now it is occupied by some people and a lot of monkeys (hence it’s nickname, The Monkey Temple).