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The Play

The Venerable Namgyel wanted us to create a play based on healing disturbing emotions. The majority of the dragons group did not want to create a play. Many of the other retreat participants did not want to create a play. Unfortunately my discussion group was over the moon at the idea of creating a play. The group consisted of JJ, a bald 59 year old British man named Alan, a passionate 32 year old Catalonian named Aroa, a fiery 38 year old Tunisian named Nadim, the ever witty JJ and myself. I enjoy theater but I’m by no means a thespian and the thought of creating a skit to perform for the group brought me back to half assed school projects that always end in awkward silences. While JJ and I gave each other smirks across the table the adults in our group started crafting a plot line with a childish joy that was infectious. They were way too invested in this play. They debated the best way to arrange certain scenes and created detailed character descriptions. We spent 6 half hour sessions working on a play who’s dialogue was entirely improvised. We were the only group to perform our skit on the last day. With the addition of Matthew playing a deranged uncle we portrayed what Nadim called “a f***ed up family who goes to see a psychiatrist and becomes more f***ed up.” The final product was just over twenty minutes and included brilliant moments such as JJ’s visit to the psychiatrist in which he announced, “my life’s a cup of tea, it’s just a really bad cup of tea.” It was a piece of art that mocked the very lessons we had spent the past ten days learning and it was fabulous.

The guy who wrote the show is in it. Is that good?
Rachel Nahirny