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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

The Return of Jess

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the return of Jess Armstrong to the Mekong instructor team. After six weeks of recovery in Bangkok, Jess flew into Phnom Penh on the evening of the 13th and met up with the group for Marcus’ karaoke birthday bash. The following morning, they boarded minivans as a group and made their way from the capital to the temples of Angkor outside Siem Reap. The team is now complete, with Jess and the addition of Thavry Thun, author, educator and homestay coordinator extraordinaire.

We’re thrilled to have the team together and to read updates from the upcoming Cambodian adventures. From Angkor, the group will make their way to Battambang, with a layover in Phnom Penh, before heading south to the homestay in Kaoh Ksach Tonlea. After another week and a half with host families, they’ll make their way to coast and complete the semester with their toes dangling in the Gulf of Thailand.

Hope this finds everyone well at home. More to come from the Mekongers.