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This Week’s Itinerary

This week we will be trekking in the Kedougou region, and therefore not posting on the Yak Board. What follows is our exciting plan for the coming days.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will be traveling to the village of Banda Fassi and doing a day hike to a viewpoint in the area. Thursday we will hike to the village Ibel, where we will spend the night. From Ibel there will be an opportunity to visit village called Iwol, home of the largest baobab tree in Senegal. Friday we will hike through remote villages and grasslands between Ibel and Dindefelo. Saturday will be spent in Dindefelo, where we will visit the Jane Goodall institute to learn about the chimpanzee forest conservation project. We will also hike to the tallest waterfall in Senegal. Sunday we will hike through termite mounds within the conservation area to the village of Dande. Monday will be spent hiking and camping out before returning to Dande on Tuesday morning. From Dande we will return to Kedougou to rest before a long day of travel on Wednesday to our final destination in Toubab Jalaw.

Given the coming days’ silence, we wish all of you at home a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We will all be thinking of you and our gratitude for your support of our travels.