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Welcome, Haverford!

Haverford Travelers

It’s a pleasure to warmly welcome you to your Haverford and Where There Be Dragons Yak Board for “Cambodia: Religion, Conflict, and Peace.”

Believe it or not, the spring is just around the corner! Soon, you all will be making your way from Philadelphia to Phnom Penh, trading the Main Line for the Mekong River. And maybe more than landscape, you’ll be immersing yourself in several rhythms of life as you weave your way through peaceful island sunsets up to the world’s largest religious monument of Angkor Wat over the course of two incredible weeks.

This board will be an invaluable forum from beginning to end to help you weave a rich narrative of the collective journey you’re about to embark on. From introductions and goals before the course begins, to reflecting on your experiences in the field, to ultimately start thinking about how to integrate your time in Cambodia back at Haverford. So, in some ways, introducing yourself on this board marks your official beginning!

You’ll find that the Haverford-Dragons community will be here to support you through all of the exciting journey ahead, from rugged travel, home-stays, laughter with new friends, group discussions, and conversations with people who may change your worldview as you know it. This community will be your foundation as you walk, eat, see, and connect to Cambodia in new, exciting ways.

We’re excited to share in all you do and learn. The first step is an introduction! While many of you know one another, we would love to hear about some of your goals, excitement, fears, curiosity you have as the course approaches. We invite you to introduce and share a bit of yourself. You’ll be amazed looking back at course end the ways you’ve grown and changed in just a short time.

We are thrilled to follow along with your adventure.

-The Dragons Administration Team