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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Why people are attracted to the mountains (from a meditation cave in Beding)

Why are people attracted to the mountains?

Is it their height? Towering over all of man’s creation, all that mother nature has woven. Above the trees. Above the clouds. Below only the sun.

Is it their gargantuan stature? Stretching along the miniature towns and cities man has made. Trees, cars, grasses, made infinitesimal by their might.

Is it their grounded nature? Steady through eons of earthquakes, thunderstorms and time. Is it man’s need to feel superior to this all? To “conquer” nature. To prove his might.

To some, mountains are stunning monuments to nature’s awesome power. To others, objects to summit, to “do”. To others, the mountains are deities, gods and goddesses on earth, calmly resting and watching over humans.

They invoke wonder, awe, reverence, inconsequentiality, love, fear, peace, respect.

They were here before us and will stand long after we are gone. They bear witness to the ephemeral nature of existence, through countless seasons, revolutions around the sun, extinctions, the rise and fall of civilizations. Simply, they sit and exist.

Why are people attracted to the mountains?