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Without words

I don’t know if my words will be enough to express what I’m really feeling for San Juan La Laguna, every time I come here the inhabitants of this town have something special and unique to share with me and with my students.

In the past two weeks we all have been learning a lot from local mentors that have been sharing with us about a large range of great topics; natural dye and weaving, paint, medicinal plants, agro ecology, t’zutujil cosmovisión and politics. Our mentors are midwives, local artists, teachers, weavers, farmers, spiritual guides, healers and local guides.

Their knowledge doesn’t come from a book but from the memory of their ancestors, grandparents and parents, the knowledge is shared through conversations, observation and a lot of practice and passion for what they do.

I’ll be forever grateful  to every one of the people here who are open to sharing their knowledge and culture with us with such happiness and openness.

San Juan la Laguna is going to be in my heart for the rest of my life, the energy of the lake fill my soul, every interaction with locals is full of laughs, good energy and honest friendship, all those little big things that are not for sale in a store.

Maltiox San Juan!