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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

X Phase Itinerary

Hello everyone! Long time no yak. Sorry about that, but between Langa and Riung we haven’t had any wifi. (Yaks about Langa, our second homestay, are coming soon)

On the 4th, we said goodbye to our families and friends in Langa and set out on our X-Phase! The students are responsible for planning this part of the trip, from budgeting, to finding hotels, to planning activities. It’s been a worthy challenge, and It makes us proud to see everyone stepping into real leadership roles. We decided to go to Riung for the first part of our expedition, which is a sleepy little beach village on the coast of Flores. Each day we planned a little bit better and made smarter decisions about where to sleep and what to do, including a snorkel boat trip, staying in bungalows we found on the beach, willingly cooking our own meals in said bungalows, and finally camping on the beach on an island smaller than the size of a city block.

Now we are in a bus heading to Ende, where we will stay for the next 2 nights before flying out to Kuala Lumpur to renew our visas. From KL we fly into Sulawesi for the reminder of our X-Phase. We still aren’t quite sure what’s going to happen in Sulawesi because we haven’t wifi to plan, but if anything, we’ve gotten pretty good at making plans on the fly over the last few days.

Can’t wait to update you on our upcoming adventures soon!