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Hey family and friends! As we near the end of this course one of the challenges we’re left with is planning our X-Phase portion. X-phase is a week where Dragons students plan everything from choosing the location and booking hotels to organizing bus rides and finding activities all within an allotted budget.

Day 1–21/11:

We’ll start our adventure tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn with train transport from Yangon to Mawlamyine. This route is said to be one of the most beautiful train rides in all of Myanmar. We’ll arrive in Mawlamyine, the former hub of the British empire, that boasts pagodas (one that inspired Kipling’s “Mandalay,” spectacular colonial architecture, and glimpses into the unique Mon culture.

Day 2–22/11

**After a long day of travel we are going to have a more leisurely day to rest and get ready for the rest of our adventure

9:00 A.M: Group Breakfast

10:00 A.M: Nikki will give a lesson called Decolonizing the Mind

During free time, some options for individual outings include a visit to the Mon Cultural Museum, a walk around colonial Mawlamyine

4: 30 P.M: Visit to Kyaikthanlan Paya for sunset. Here we will read Kipling’s “Mandalay.”

6:30 P.M: Group Dinner

Day 3–23/11

Happy Thanksgiving!!

8:00 A.M: Group Breakfast

9: 00 A.M: Depart for Hpa an for a day trip

We’ll spend the day getting our outdoor fix in Hpa-an, where students can choose to hike up Mt. Zwegabin or checking out the local caves followed by a dip in the spring-fed swimming pool.

7:00 P.M: We will gorge ourselves on a Myanmar style thanksgiving feast

Day 4–24/11

8:30 A.M: Group Breakfast

10:00 A.M: Parker will be giving a lesson on Chinese Counter Culture

1:00 P.M: Win Sein Taw Ya–reclining Buddha


Free time until dinner where we will continue to explore the city

6:30 P.M: Group Dinner


Today is travel day where we will travel from Mawlamyine to Maungmagan

Maungmagan is one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful beaches, and, due to it’s somewhat remote location, we’ll most likely have the beach all to ourselves.

7:00 P.M: Group Dinner


Free day on the beach

5:00 P.M: Siang will be giving her lesson Plato and the Allegory of the Cave

7:00 P.M: Group Dinner


Day to trip to the north to an untouched industrial zone where the beaches are untouched

7:00 P.M: Group Dinner


Our visas expire today, so as a result, we will be making our way overland to the Thai boarder at Htee Klee. From there we will make our way to our transference sites in Thailand. We will be splitting our time between Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya.


Much love to everyone back home!