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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Yak #1 Para Harrison G Life

Well life has been very busy for the past 46 days & 46 nights. Full of fun, energy & lots of learning. Learning about plants & animals and the cultures of the communities we have visited. Most recently we stayed with the Amawakan tribe of the Piedras River in the community of Boca Parimanu.
This is the first time we have been overly hot on this trip & I must say it’s a nice change from being so cold almost all of the time. We saw lots of wildlife & lots of insects… LOTS of insects! Some of us have more bites than others but all in all it’s worth it to stay in such a cool and culturally rich place. Our absolutely fantastic guides Dr. Kris from the U.K. and Juan Carlos a Peruvian anthropologist. They are very knowledgeable in Peruvian medicinal plants. They taught us about leaves that help with swelling and broken bones, also about a root that worked to help with erectile dysfunction. Plus lots about the ayahuasca vine.
We felt very welcomed in our new home for those 5 days and we were happy that the people wanted us to be there. While we were there some of us wanted to do some fishing so one morning Lucy, Olivia, Zack and I went net fishing with Juan Carlos, Alberto and some of the locals. We caught more than enough and that night we had a fish fry with the community and did some dancing afterwards. There was a lot of delicious food and it was so much fun to see/do some dancing to music in Spanish!
On one of the other days we went into the jungle to set up some cameras to catch video of wild animals. We caught a quick vid of a wild boar and some wild pigs called Pecarys. Our other days were full of playing sports with the community. Our very chill Lucy became more intense than I thought was possible during our volleyball games. Even with her vast experience playing volleyball in the US we could only win one game. We were however a little more lucky when we were playing soccer against the local youth. For a lot of those games we were able to pull off a win.
Also one day we walked to the house of a man named Walter who lives some 4 hours outside of the center of the community. Here we had an absolutely beautiful lunch and a nice soak in a natural stream that ran through Walter’s backyard. Walter was so supportive of our group. In addition to letting us eat and swim at his house, on another day he also taught us how to weave baskets with a vine that grows all over the place.
Our next big adventure is Machu Picchu. I am super excited to see what it’s all about but first we need to decide as a group what trek we want to hike to get there. There is a jungle trek that could be very hot or a longer trek in the cloud forest. We will see lots, have lots to do and unfortunately not much time to do it all. Hopefully we will set time to write about it in our journals.
Lots of love from Peru!