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Rice paddy terraces

一路平安 (a peaceful journey)

Wishing the entire 2017 Fall Semester China Group 一路平安 (a peaceful journey) all the way home. Thank you to our student group, patient families at home, homestay families in China: in both Amdo Tibetan communities, Kunming, and Manzhang (special thanks to Madeleine Colvin!), Chinese language teachers, ISP mentors and guest speakers, China Program Coordinator Annie Jiao, and of course….

to instructors Gong Jiaju, Shuier Zhang, and Joseph Vincent!

Students on the group departure flight (Cathay Dragon #761 Kunming-Hong Kong) are all checked in and through security in Kunming and the flight is expected to depart on time. Wishing all of our students happy reunions with families and friends and great onward travels!

-Jody Segar, China Program Director