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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

A rainy good bye from Isla del Sol

Saludos desde El Alto!

We are oficailly at our last stop of the semester!

After three sunny days of reflective writing, goofy theater, and intense individual feedback sessions, this morning, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo  (founders of the Inca Empire born on the island) sent us off the Isle of the Sun with hot tea and freezing rain.

Ana was able to squeeze in a transference lesson before we all got sea sick on the stormy lake Titikaka. Upon arrival in Copacabana, we all recovered, grabbed a quick coffee, and boarded a bus to La Paz.

We arrived safely back to our favorite social activist theater/art school/home in no time at all, rested and ready to crank out end of course student feedback evaluations.

We are only a couple mushy closing activities and Christmas shopping away from our final good bye, a growing lump in our throat destined to burst early Wednesday morning. At the same time everyone is excited to return home to loving families eager to share all our adventures and the inspirational people that have shown us better versions of ourselves.

Hasta pronto!

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