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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Back from the trek

We just arrived back from trekking yesterday and it was an amazing experience.  The first two days were quite difficult for me because I had a little bit of a fever but good sleep brought me back on my feet pretty fast.  We walked through countless villages and I couldn’t stop noticing their isolation from the rest of the world and the devastating effect of the earthquake.  Houses were abandoned and still under construction, children were playing in building ruins and were being taught in tiny temporary metallic schools. However, this did not stop them from screaming “Namaste!” as loud as they could with huge smiles every time we walked by.  We could also see the unsustainable and fragile state of the roads as most of them were completely destroyed from devastating landslides that had occurred during the monsoon season.  During the trek, we hiked through completely different landscapes.  We could sometimes believe we were in completely different countries every 30 minutes.  In one day we could experience desert landscapes, rain forests, tundra plains, rocky roads and my favorite, the red bark Rhododendron forests which reminded me of my garden back in Belgium.  Waking up everyday in the morning to a completely different scenery is something that I will surely never forget.

Ps: Je suis habillé en noir sur la photo :))