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Dear India

Dear India,

My first expectation of you before I came was that I would not like you and feel painfully homesick. I also thought my body would not be able to handle you. The good news is, my expectations were not met. I am very sorry if you were frustrated with my expectations. I am sorry if my expectations were low and made you feel like I failed to recognize your potential and greatness. Know that I now do recognize your greatness. There are also many other elements I recognize about you. I recognize the loud and chaotic and unorganized cities. I recognize all the cows and trash and millions of smells. I recognize the beauty of the people inside and out with their fabulous colorful saris, kurtas, dupatas, and other clothes. I recognize the warmth, kindness, and friendliness of so many people who ask to keep in touch for the future. Lastly, I recognize that there is so much more to you than what I saw, interpreted, and experienced. There is more than one culture. More than one people. More than one religion. More than one Masala. And more than one way of life.

See you later.