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Hello! My name is Margaret Gaw; I’m a senior at Harpeth Hall who is eagerly anticipating our trip to India with Where There Be Dragons. I love the program’s emphasis on gender, empowerment, an authentic immersion experience, education, and service. I’m looking forward to our time at the Vatsalya School and with the girls there. I’m excited to learn from our differences, but more importantly, recognize that so many things bind us together as human beings. I am excited for the connections we will make with a vibrant Indian community and the development of my worldview.

One of my goals is to grow in character and leadership in January. After my Nols expedition this last summer, I learned about working in a group, and I cannot wait to put those skills to action in January.

Traveling is part of who I am. Since first leaving the U.S. on a French exchange to Quebec in eighth grade to traveling to Israel, Tanzania, Costa Rica, and other locations, I have felt most engaged in my surroundings when experiencing new cultures outside of the familiar. I’m most familiar with Nashville’s culture, as I have been raised here with an older brother, younger brother, younger sister, and two chocolate labs. My parents, siblings, extended family, and I love sports, books, ice cream, and everything in between.