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HH Instructor

Hello this is Buffy! My students refer to me as CB or Coach Baker. I am married to Eric Cummings and we have 3 kids ages 16,13 & 10. I was a college coach for 15 years, a postural therapist, Outward Bound instructor, and now a high school Wellness teacher at my former h.s. Never thought that would happen!
Wow, how do I begin to describe what I am feeling about our impending trip. My travels to India began 21 years ago as a naive, young 20 something. I signed up with my mom to go on a tour of North India which was being led by Eric, my then boyfriend, and his mom. Never had I been pushed and pulled to so many extremes for such a duration as I was on my 2 month stay in India. While on our travels Eric and I got engaged in Jodhpur, India. To have the opportunity to be going back after 20 + years is quite humbling and fills me with an incredible sense of gratitude. To experience a second trip to India with students from my former H.S. is simply amazing.
I look forward to this adventure seeing India with different eyes. I relish new adventures that catapult me out of my comfort zone and test my will. One of my favorite yoga teachers once said, “the question is not whether you can live outside of your comfort zone but whether you can live in it.” I feel most alive when challenged, excited by the unknowns, and reaping the rewards of the struggle. India will provide all of these opportunities. Being a teacher I am extremely excited to experience the Vatsayla School and learn about the state of education in such a unique school environment as this school. Connecting HH all the way to India through our alum Reed Harrison Nirula is exciting and fortunate. An inside look at their Wildlife Rescue Operation of elephants and circus bears is an incredible opportunity.
Last and certainly not least as an instructor, teacher, coach for 26 years I look forward to watching the growth of our students on this bold adventure and beyond. To witness eyes truly open and then reflect upon this is why I teach. I really learned this working for Outward Bound (where I met Eric). Experiential education allows this to happen like no other environment I’ve worked in. Educational philosopher John Dewy said, ” We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” Experiencing India with this group of students and with such a passionate instruction team will bring about a wealth of learning and reflection. Let the ADVENTURE begin!