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I am getting excited for this trip finally, as work pressures allow me the “bandwidth” to focus in on the details of being part of a 2-organization team taking such a large group overseas. I’ve introduced myself to parents and students, as well as the WTBD leadership team, so I’ll keep this brief – but I know there are parents I haven’t met who will be interested in knowing who is traveling with their daughters to India.

I was born in India to medical missionary parents, both of whom lived in India during their childhood too (in fact my mom was born there and lived there until she graduated from high school). I have been back to India several times: once as a student in 8th grade at Kodaikanal International School in south India for a semester; once as a backpacker/lonely planet traveler when I spent three months taking advantage of an Ind-Rail pass and seeing as much as I could; twice as an assistant trip leader for a group traveling through India for two-weeks; and my last trip, in 2001, was as a consultant to another international school in North India, the Woodstock School. So I have been there many times, but not recently. And it’s in the last 15 years that India has really changed most rapidly, and thus I feel both experienced and that I have much to learn from this experience.

I was an Outward Bound Instructor for 5 years (where I met Buffy Baker – we got engaged in India) before going to graduate school at Harvard and Penn State, finishing my Ph.D. in 2006. I am now the dean of the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts at Cumberland University in Lebanon.

I am so looking forward to this trip: T minus 7 days!