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Hi! My name is Augusta, and I am a senior at Harpeth Hall. I am the middle child of three siblings—I have an older sister who lives in California and a younger brother who is a sophomore. I also have a very large extended family. Some things I enjoy are dancing, writing, and traveling. I have traveled a lot with my family over the years, to places all throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

I am so passionate about traveling because I know that physically immersing myself in a culture is the best way to learn about it and understand people’s lives that are so different from mine. I love learning about others because it helps me become a kinder and more understanding person. Specifically from this trip, I hope to not only learn about and immerse myself in the culture and lifestyle of India but also to learn from it and take things home with me that I can use in my daily life. This may be a better sense of communication with others, a broader mind about food, a greater sense of appreciation, or anything else.

An aspect of this program that really drew me in was the ability to learn about girls’ education in India. Female empowerment is so important to me, but it’s often hard to escape the bubble of women’s rights in America and not think about it as a global issue. That being said, another one of my goals is to get a better understanding of the state of women and girls in India in regards to the rights they have. I am so excited for this adventure!