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Hello! My name is McKenzie Darnell, and I am a senior at Harpeth Hall. I have a plethora of interests, from Mock Trial, to Theater, to Biology, but I enjoy learning languages the most. I have been taking French for the past eight years and Spanish for the past three years. I think my love of languages is what piqued my interest in this trip. In our language classes we study different cultures, and I find them fascinating! I think that not only are the different traditions and customs, but it is important to learn about other parts of the world. In India, I am excited to see things from a different perspective and see what is important to others in the world. I think that India will open my eyes to things I am ignorant about, or at least, take for granted. I hope I can be open and willing to jump into the culture. I want to take full advantage of this time in such a beautiful country. I can’t wait!