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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Journal Entry #1

For the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed I haven’t been using my time in Indonesia to the full extent. Sure, I’m learning a lot, and I’ve been seeing a lot, and experiencing so many new wonderful things, but I haven’t been doing much. It’s already December and I haven’t started my Indonesian indie rock band, or mastered all levels of Javanese, or finished my work at my NGO (of which I have plenty of now by the way). On December 16th I bought a new notebook and 20 pens and wrote “Creative Journal” on the inside cover in an attempt to motivate myself. I decided an easy way to start was by doing something I’m already familiar with, so I started thinking about one of my previous yaks, the sound collage, and how it could be improved and made more meaningful. For the past week I’ve recorded sounds and time stamped them. The final product which you can listen to here is a much more reflective tool than any written journal entry I’ve written so far and now I can say I’m doing something.