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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

My Homestay Family

Bapak Indarto: He’s the goofy, funny one. He always greets me with a smile, and constantly asks me about my day. As little kids do, we often chuckle for no reason from simple glances at each other. The sculptor also knows martial arts and can handle nunchucks with ease believe it or not. Bapak Indarto reminds me that inside every adult is a child.

Ibu Idoh: She’s Wonder Woman, plain and simple. She’s an excellent cook, an even better dressmaker, and a wonderful mother. Like most mothers she expects me to eat ’till all the food in the house is gone, but I usually dissapoint her with only one pitiful serving. Regardless, I feel all the love she emulates from her body, and I’m glad to call her my Ibu.

Fatmala: “Mala”, my older sister, is brimming with talent. She’s currently in her last semester of art school, and it shows. Her expertise in painting, coupled by her extraordinary imagination, makes for some truly unique masterpieces. Mala is also a huge fan of Korean Pop music, but she fancies Adele and Bruno Mars too. I have no doubt she will succeed in her career as a painter.

Dhani: This 11 year old half musician, half artist can wield a pencil just as well as a set of drumsticks. Dhani’s Gamelan band “performs” every saturday morning in the front yard. The rest of his day is filled with TV, Naruto comics, and his hobby of drawing characters from random objects. Dhani’s talent is beyond his age, and I’m excited to see what becomes of it.

Me: It’s strange being in a house teeming with art. I’ve never thought of entering the world of arts except that one time when I taught myself how to play “Call Me Maybe” on piano… no regrets. But my homestay family has opened up a new appreciation for the arts. Their outpouring of creativity has inspired me to try something I’ve never tried before. Poetry. It’s still in its infancy, but on this gap year, I intend to fully explore my imaginative side and hopefully reveal the artist inside me.