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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Ode to Little Brothers

I never had brothers,

Ones to make suffer,

With quips and pranks,

But now I give thanks.

Because I have brothers,

Thanks to my home-stay mother.

Ones that love to play catch,

don’t mind running to fetch.

Willing to get together,

Really no matter the weather.

We we hardly able to speak,

at the beginning of the week,

running side by side,

differences not on my mind,

Its crazy to find,

It doesn’t matter if he’s nine.

I’m so thankful for my brothers,

dog piles until someone gets smothered.

Running around on dirt roads,

dodging ton of goats,

They jump up and grab my neck,

I couldn’t breath for a sec,

Playing with no worries in our heads,

Thinking we’ll never be dead,

just so everyone knows,

This is my ode,

To little bros