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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Oops I Forgot…

Sitting close, huddled around the fire, sharing all that we are grateful for, and gawking at the breathtaking stars overhead, we realized so easily how lucky we were to be spending our Thanksgiving in such a beautiful space with such caring people. But, at the same time, none of us could deny how much the passing holiday made us long for our families back home and miss the holiday traditions and delicious foods we’ve always known.

While our families back in the states toasted to another holiday, surrounded by buttery good potatoes, deliciously greased turkeys, sweet pumpkin pies, softly risen homemade rolls, and sweetly moistened stuffing, we sat with our tupperware full of well seasoned tacos, bitter sweetly taking in our final days here in Bolivia.

The Choro trek proved to be a breathtaking hike- our descent from the cool and rocky mountains outside of La Paz down into the humid, green Yungas provided beautiful scenery as well as a strenuous leg workout. Throughout the trek we followed along a gushing river of crystal clear water and soft white stones, endlessly taunting us with its cool, yet oft inaccessible (due to Rapids and safety), water.

The days on this trek were long and, excluding the first day, hot. It was nice to get out of the chilly Andes for a spell and actually sweat a bit, though I can’t say the whole group would necessarily agree! It was also nice to have the time together as a group, to reflect and have some isolated time to appreciate the adventures we had and all the lessons we learned from this experience as well as from one another.

It’s hard to imagine the group will be leaving in just a short 4 days and that after 3 months of spending every day and night together, some of us may not see each other again for months, maybe years. Though I will be staying in South America to travel after the program, I can say with certainty it will be far from the same and I will miss my family of dragons dearly. You simply cannot replicate the experience of traveling with a group of 12 new, and good, friends. Our final trek provided some wonderful final nights of sharing jests between tents, reflecting into rich orange flames, and savoring our final views of the rich forestry of the Yungas and shear magnificence of the Andes mountains.

Lots of love to all our family and friends,
Amy James