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Students are en route to Miami!

Hi dear families.
It has being a pleasure to travel with all our students. They are one of the most incredible student groups we have eve worked with as instructors.  It is amazing to see how much they grew during these 3 months traveling in Nicaragua and Guatemala in so many dimensions. Last night we did our two last group activities: 1. Our slide show of all our adventures of the whole trip. It was amazing to see back when we started the semester. 2 One of our students, Charlotte, led an amazing gratitude activity for the whole group. It was fantastic to see our students performing and being very proactive with what they want to learn and do.
This morning after our final check-in led by Luke, the time to say Chauy arrived. With tears and a lot of hugs we say hasta luego ( see you another time) to our students. It is not a goodbye because we will see half of the group after they finished their independent traveling. Si, Natalie, Charlotte, Rosa, Lilianne and Joel stayed back to keeping exploring Guatemala for 7 days more in the city of Xela and Antigua. We the instructors are very confident that they will do a great job and they will enjoy and learn more about themselves and this culture. We wish them a safe and enjoyable trip.
The rest of the students, Courtney, Annabelle, Henry, Shaan and Luke are going back home to have a more relaxed break.
We love you dear students!
Los Instructores
Alan, Erick and Lisa