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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

The Trek

When I signed up for Dragon’s Himalayan Studies fall semester program I looked forward to each and every aspect of the trip – except the trek. I spent much of my time in Nepal trying to ignore the inevitable journey, and when that failed, dreading it.

I realized I would learn from the struggle, but I feared the physical discomfort and the likelihood that I’d lag behind.

Finally the trek began, and I was entirely right: My neck ached, thighs chafed, sickness invaded, fog took over and the mountains overwhelmed me. And I loved it.

I quickly got over having the slowest pace of the group. There was no other choice.

When my thighs burned and breathing came heavy, I learned to turn my eyes to nature and ears to friends. There was no better choice.

It’s one thing to believe you can do anything if you have to, and another thing entirely to actually climb that mountain.