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One morning in Toubab Dialao for Africa Fall Semester Transference in Senegal:

Basically in the Guesthouse of Sibo Bade that is so special,

I took a moment to enjoy the breeze which is so mental,

Watching the flow of the waves reaching the beach over and over as eternal.

As I was captivated by the view, I noticed an amazing harmony, and I wish I could put all together in a painting.

On the foreground, near a rocky isle, above the heads of people swimming, snorkeling and rowing boats, birds were soaring.

And the background traditional music, mixed with the sound of the waves and the birds carried by the breeze was so relaxing.

Witnessing and sensing that peace and harmony made me feel like freezing the time and I was wondering:

How long can I keep those priceless and sweet moments?

And what can help me nurture those quality time to serve as long-lasting presents?

How will I keep feeling that peaceful vibe deep within with time?
Or will it turn into internal conflict sometime?

As we keep traveling, each place has its beauty and its dark side as part of the realities.

At some point, we may capture photos stipulating the problems, the struggles and the difficulties.

Or despite the presence of shocking hardship on a daily basis, the focus can be on the simple and different things we see.

Stopping at the natural beauty of the view that is there for us for free.

Listening to the natural music of animals, the waterfalls, the oceans and so on,

Smelling wild plants, observing wild bores approaching, and noticing small acts reflecting creativity of people as we go on.

I am so thankful today as I could observe activities done in different ways, without spending money but using local materials.

It has been a privilege to see grass turned into thatched roofs, seashells to decorate houses and mud into walls,

Thank you for letting me join the cooking classes, teaching me how to play Kora, an incredible musical instrument.

Showing how to make ropes out of the tree barks and letting us rest safely in our tent.

It is also incredible that there are small branches to brush teeth.

And other branches that can be used as a spatula to stir food with.

On a big matt sitting with children and serving them water melon, making a soccer ball out of a plastic bags they can pick up and joining people dancing and singing in their own way.

And the fact that we are born with hands that can be used to eat with as many people as possible in one tray.

Wearing clothes locally made and seeing the bigs smiles from locals watching you living their culture in villages, in towns or in the sea.

Sitting with people in the evening grilling, eating peanuts and making attaya tea.

Those things do not even fit in our cameras but will remain memorable and serve as source of smiles.

Lydia Sweatt said that “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself” even in 1000 miles.