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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Winding Down…

Dear Dragons friends and fam,

We ended transference last night on a rooftop in Patan. Sitting in a circle under the stars each student recalled their favorite memories and gave thanks to each group member. The gratitude ceremony was a perfect way to end our time together. Even though the night wind kept blowing out our candles, the magic of sitting together under the bright moonlight was enough.

Today we say goodbye to Nepal – to dal bhat, to namastes, to walking into strangers’ homes as family, to kilometers of Nepali “flat”, to the infamous “squatty potty”.

After 12 weeks of questioning our assumptions about ourselves and the world, reflecting on complex concepts such as economic globalization, structural violence, inequality, impoverishment, and climate justice, and listening to the narratives of people from across this land-locked vertical nation, we return home to you.

Please be kind and patient with your students, as they will each process in a different way. We hope you recognize something deep and permanent in the way they walk the world upon their return. Maybe a heightened awareness, maybe a new type of humility. However and whenever it presents, we hope you encourage these seeds to grow.

With much gratitude for your continued patience and ultimate trust in us with your children…

Shanti, Michael, and Sarah