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Anokhi and Chokhi Dhani

Today was another look at India’s many sides. This morning we met on the rooftop of the Kalyan Hotel for energizing yoga! The view of Jaipur was a stunning start to the morning. The skyline is more visible with less smog than Delhi and Agra. After an outdoor breakfast at the hotel, we packed into the buses for shopping at Anokhi–an Indian clothing store that features ethically sourced materials and traditional Rajasthan prints.

After shopping, we all headed back to the hotel for downtime on the patio. We were able to share our research on various aspects of Indian culture such as environmental problems, water sources and contamination, Hinduism, and reverence for cows (holy cows). After some chai, we had about an hour of free time, and then we left for Chokhi Dhani. This is a simulation of a traditional Rajasthani village. Here we got to experience camel rides, henna tattoos, fire breathers, Indian dancers, tightrope walkers, artisan shops, and a traditional sit-down dinner. The dinner was especially fun because we ate barefoot and sat on mats on the ground with an array of dishes to try.

Overall, today was relatively relaxing compared to previous days. We were busy, but had time to reflect on the trip so far and what is to come. We are looking forward to another day in Jaipur!