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Arrival Information

Hello everyone!

We hope that your packing is going well and that you are getting excited about our upcoming travels! Our instructor team will soon be in Nepal attending our own orientation and we are so looking forward to meeting you all and starting this journey together.

You may have already seen the Yak posts about instructor introductions, the electronics policy, an update to the packing list, and our tentative itinerary! We know this is lots of information, but we hope it has been helpful in your preparations for the trip. We have enjoyed getting to know you on the phone, but please start posting your own introductions so you can get to know one another!

In this post, we wanted to provide you with important information regarding your travels to India.
Please read thoroughly as there are many details.

Activity at Newark Airport after going through Customs

You have already received this information from our office, but as a reminder, you should meet your group no later than 3:00 pm on February 7th. This should be at the  United Airlines Ticketing Counter, Terminal C, Level 2. Your student leader and fellow group members will be wearing Dragons t-shirts, and awaiting your arrival.

When you have all collected together in the airport and are waiting for your international flight, we would love for you to get to know one another. To do this, we would like you to find the person in the group who has the birthday closest to yours. Then, play the game Two Truths and a Lie. For those of you who might not have played this game before, each partner presents three statements to the other, two of which are truths, one of which is a lie. The partner then guesses which are truths and which is a lie.

Later, at orientation when we are all together, we will ask you to share one of your partner’s truths. So remember them!

Delhi Airport Arrival Instructions

Navigating the Delhi airport upon your arrival might be slightly complex if many flights are landing simultaneously. Since we trust that the group of you are competent, we know you will help each other get through it smoothly!

You all have visas, so as you get off the plane, walk to the immigration line.

You will need to fill out an immigration form on arrival. Please fill out the entire form and sign it. The form will ask for an in-country address- please use this one:

Blox Hostel
Assi Varanasi
U.P. India

Please note that there are several lines that are for “E-Visa Holders”. DO NOT use these lines. Proceed to the regular immigration line for holders of non-Indian passports.

Once you have all completed immigration, find your baggage claim belt and wait together until you have all collected your bags.

Then as a group, exit the airport. We will all be there waiting for you, with giant smiles!

Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

See you soon!