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Bollywood is the Indian film industry based in the city of Mumbai, and its name comes from the combination of Bombay and Hollywood. Bombay used to be the name of the densely populated west coast city Mumbai, which is known as the heart of the Bollywood film industry. Hollywood is also what influenced the origination of Bollywood and now India’s film industry is just as successful as America’s film industry, in fact, Bollwood is now cinsidered to be the largest film industry in the world.

The Bollywood industry began slow and used inspiration from Hollywood for the creation of their first silent black and white film in 1913, Raja Harishchandra. In 1931 the release of Bollywood’s first non-silent film Alam Ara paved the way for the future of Indian cinema, and now the industry holds the record for the most produced movies each year. Typically, Bollywood films are musicals and include many song and dance scenes. Dancing, in fact, is crucial to Bollywood films because audiences desire to see elaborate choreography rather than just acting.