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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

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Namaste Ulla, Lina, Katie, Kevin, Mika, Christina, Julie, Ilana, and Kerry,

It has been a joy connecting with many of you in the past couple of days. Claire and Rishi are in Kathmandu preparing for your journey and through communicating with both the participants and the instructors, I can feel the excitement build.

Some of you have posed some very good questions! We wanted to list the answers here for everyone’s benefit.


In regards to outlet adapters, Nepal doesn’t have standardised outlets so many of the wall plugs fit about 5 different adapter types.  There’s no need to purchase an adapter pre-trip, as your instructors will provide you each with one when you arrive.

 Purchasing Clothes

There will be time during orientation to buy local style clothes, and (women especially) will likely want to do so as the clothing is beautiful and generally inexpensive. Your instructors can also make time to go to outdoor shops for more “gear-like” stuff (warm jackets, gloves, etc) if needed.

Arrival Instructions

Claire and Rishi will be posting detailed arrival instructions on the yak board in the next few days, so keep your eye out for detailed information here.

Early Arrivals

A few of you are arriving before the group gathers on the evening of the 14th and are extending your stay post January 27th. Please notes that from the evening of the 14th until lunch on the 27th, all of your expenses are covered with your tuition, aside from your entry visa, souvenirs, and personal items.

If you’re arriving early, you may want to consider staying in the neighborhood of Thamel where hotels are within walking distance to many places to eat, a plethora of tourist facilities, and many places to choose from for a massage. It’s rather touristy yet also an easy taxi ride from the airport.


For those of you arriving early or departing a few days after the course end, you may like to treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation. In the neighborhood of Thamel you can get massages from all traditions – Nepali, Thai, Japanese, etc. A “traditional” Nepali massage is an ayurvedic oil massage – in which your body is literally drowned in oil (quite an experience!)

As you near your departure date, post questions here on this Yak board so that Claire and Rishi can answer them directly. Over the years, we’ve found that often participants have the same questions and the whole group can benefit from seeing answers posted in a communal manner.

Namaste Friends!

Megan, Shannon, Claire & Rishi