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Day Five

January 12th- Caroline Ryan, Megan Murphy, and Margot May

After a breakfast on the rooftop, we headed to Amer Fort. The bus ride was about an hour and as we climbed the dessert hills we were able to see a new side of Jaipur and India. As we approached the fort we saw the masses of elephants being used to carry tourists up the hill. After learning about the abuse these animals often face while at Wildlife SOS, we as a group were proud to steer clear of this attraction. After a tenuous hike up the many stairs we entered the main courtyard of the fort. While waiting, we had many photo opportunities with eager Indians who are fascinated by the USA. After breaking into smaller groups, we admired the fort’s elaborate floor plan as we explored many winding hallways, and took photos of the breathtaking scenery.

We then walked on paths through the village to the Anokhi Museum. Our walk allowed us to take in the many smells and sights of India. A highlight was when a monkey ran right through our line of girls. Once at the museum, we admired demonstrations of traditional block printing. We learned about the creative history of this form of art, viewed the differences between clothes associated with each region, and developed an appreciation for hand made clothing. It was interesting to see how the products we bought yesterday had been made and the large impact our purchases had on the block printers and their communities.

After departing the Anokhi and eating lunch at the Indian Coffee House, we headed to an open air market. Here, we tested our hand at bartering. Some had great success and some had great failure. It was fun to interact with the Indian street vendors.

Over dinner we discussed our contentment with how our day was spent and our excitement rto depart for the Vatsayla School tomorrow. Hope all is well in Nashville! Stay warm 😉