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Fatima Sadiqi Articles – Pre-Program Reading

Hello everyone,

During our time in Morocco, we are planning a group discussion with one of the leading gender specialists in Morocco, Fatima Sadiqi. Since you all will get the chance to talk with her and ask her questions, we thought you might like to read some of her work. We are posting two articles here as suggested reading, but you should feel free to explore her work independently as well. We do ask that everyone read a few sections from the first reading, even if you read nothing else. Please find details about this below, along with links to the articles.

The Central Role of the Family Law in the Moroccan Feminist Movement 

  • Please be sure to read at least the “Abstract”, “Beginnings” and “conclusion” sections (only 2.5 pages of reading). Feel free to read the entire article if you like.

Emerging Amazigh Feminist Nongovernmental Organizations 

  • This is an optional reading

Additionally, we will be asking Fatima Sadiqi to focus on a specific aspect of Moroccan gender issues for her talk with you, since “gender in Morocco” is too broad. Some examples of potential topics include:

  • How the role of women in Morocco has changed since the Arab Spring.
  • The progression of liberalism among women in Morocco since independence in the 1950s.
  • History of women and the hijab in Morocco.
  • Sadiqi’s predictions for the future of Moroccan feminist movements.
  • The progression of men’s feminism in Morocco.
  • Current role of feminism in Morocco compared to other Arab countries.
  • Etc….

We would love to know what interests you most, so we can prepare Ms. Sadiqi prior to the scheduled discussion. Please email us at [email protected] and [email protected] to let us know what interests you most for discussion with this leading Moroccan scholar. Feel free to include topics not listed above!

We look forward to hearing from you.


Cara & Shino