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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Greetings from host family

Halo,…Let me introduce myself, my name is Arnik, I am a mother with 2 kids, my first son’s name is Andra Anggoro Putro, he is 15 years old, my second child’s name is Adrian Huda Saputro, he is 14 years old. My husband’s name is Ipung Raharja. He works as a staff at PT CKAA Yogyakarta.

When the first time I heard about Dragons, and later knows more about it, I am very interested to be part of Dragons program. When people asked me why my family is interested to host Dragons students, it is because we want to have new experiences, to learn other cultures, and to have the courage to practice our English. Our family speaks only a few English. Our family has been hosting Dragons students for few times but we are still nervous each time we will host a new Dragons student. My husband, two of my sons and I myself always happy each time we host a Dragons student. We always welcome them as part of our small family. Each time we host Dragons student, there is always interesting stories on each of them, from small stories of how he/she learn to use our toilet, how he/she respects our culture, and willing to eat the meal that I cook, of course I cook everyday Indonesian meals, especially Javanese meals. The students always try to help me with the household chores.

Success for Dragons, and my family and I are looking forwards to meet the coming student who is going to stay with us!.

Arnik Raharjo