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Hello From Connecticut!

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Hello all! My name is Jessie Cruz, I am 18 years old from Sandy Hook, Connecticut and graduated in 2017. This past semester I have been independently backpacking through Europe and much of the Balkans. This coming 2018 fall semester I will be attending the American University of Paris. I am so very excited to be spending these next few months in India with fresh faces and places to see. I am eager to meet everyone start adventuring!

After watching Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk with my perspective of India in mind, I realized much of my beliefs in regards to India are very much based in “single stories” and stereotypes I’ve heard. And while most stereotypes are based in truth, it all comes down to where and how you apply them. Too often people tend to view such countries with tunnel vision and it limits us to learn more about each other. I hope to rid my mind of the preconceived ideas I’ve heard, and start fresh.

I’ve never given myself the opportunity to dig more into what the country stands for or what it genuinely is like and so I am so grateful to dive head first into such foreign territory and take it all in first hand. I look forward to writing my own story about India from my eyes, while also being in an environment of open minded people where I will also get to listen to my peers “single story” about their time and experiences in this beautiful country.