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Rice paddy terraces

Hello from south of the clouds

Hi everyone, this is Gong, your China instructor.

I’m living in Dali, Yunnan and have been here for over two decades. It’s still my favorite place in China. I love to travel and have had many travel experiences all over China. I’ve worked as a journalist, documentary film maker, anthropology research coordinator, teacher, guide, photographer, calligrapher, farmer, carpenter, coffee grower and roaster, etc.

I have a wide range of interests in different lifestyles and local knowledge, religion, art, cooking, herbal medicine, taiji, qigong, acupuncture, quantum physics and agriculture. Mostly, I just have a thirst for learning from life experiences. I am really looking forward to this time we’re going to have traveling in China together, and would love to share my knowledge and experiences and learn from all of you!

See you soon!