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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone, my name is Josie! With just over a week left to go, I am getting very excited for our trip. I’ve been looking forward to this for just about a year, so it is wild to think that it is almost here. I finished high school just over a week ago, so the past week has been both crazy and liberating.

I am from Middlebury, Vermont, and have lived here basically all of my life. I did spend one year abroad in England with my family when I was 11 and had some of the coolest experiences ever. Living in Vermont, most of what I do is outside. I’ve been hiking and skiing for almost all of my life and biking with my dad is a summer necessity. And in case anyone was wondering, I am going to have maple syrup with me 🙂

When I’m not in the great outdoors, I can be found in a dance studio. My parents put me into ballet classes when I was 4 to give me someplace to put my energy and I haven’t stopped since. Today I do tap jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and I compete on my school’s varsity dance team. I am also a dance teacher as it brings me tons of joy to share something that I love so much (it also doesn’t hurt that I teach 4-6 year olds).

I am so looking forward to meeting everyone next week and to go on this amazing adventure together. I know that these next three months will be both fascinating and fun. I hope everyone is doing well and I will see you all next week!