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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Hola hola!

Hola compañeros!

Me llamo Annabelle and I am so excited to meet all of you lovely people!

A little about me… I love the closeness that comes with passing time as a small group. I am an only child (one of the good ones I hope), so I am constantly searching for beautiful humans to share thoughts and experiences with! I love to talk, so please know I am always down to converse about anything, be that about environmental conservation and sustainability (one of my most favorite topics, and something I greatly look forward to delving into on this adventure!), food culture and cooking (another pastime I love!), yoga (which I practice and am looking forward to sharing, we are going to need to stretch out our sore muscles after a day of hiking aren’t we?), or anything YOU like!!!

Clearly, I am very excited by my excessive use of !!!

On this journey we are about to embark upon, I look forward to opening myself completely to the culture of the places we will be visiting. Learning to understand the small nuances of life, the ways people interact, tend to and respect the land and go about their daily lives. I can’t wait to use and improve my Spanish language skills, and be misunderstood and corrected many times over!

This course comes for me at a very pivotal point in my life. I am in my Gap year as many of us are, and I have spent the earlier part of this academic year working and gaining experience in a completely different facet of life. As much as working has provided me with, I am ready to learn and grow in a way that is simply not possible without exposing myself to the world outside the bubble in which I grew up. (Where I grew up is quite literally deemed “the bubble”). I am so humbled by the opportunity Dragons gives us to learn how to be responsible global citizens, and I can’t wait to undertake it all with you! (yes, you, the person reading this!!!)

Con Amor,