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My name is Caroline Kiesling and I am a senior at Harpeth Hall. I have lived in Nashville for about three years with my parents, my two older brothers, and our golden retriever. On this trip, I am most looking forward to learning about the history and culture of India. My interest regarding India first sparked when I read “A Passage to India” during my junior year. The novel provides a sharp contrast of customs and morals between the British colonizers and the Indian natives. Yet not only is this divide caused by the role of imperialism, but it was emphasized by the differences in customs, race, and even gender. I hope this trip will help me recognize that although there are countless things that make us different, as cliche as it may sound, there are many things that unite us. Rather than experience India as the British did in the book- through the polished gates of their Indian-free compounds- I am confident that this trip will help us experience India through the appreciation of their rich customs and history. I have never been exposed to a culture so different from that of The United States before, and therefore I am so grateful for the great adventure we are about to embark on!