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expectations, excitement, goals, curiosities, and fears

Traveling around has always been an important part of my family’s value. Since I was 2 years old, we started our traveling journey through car, train, ship, airplanes, etc. By now, I have been to every major cities in every provinces in China, and also 22 other countries scattered in Europe, Oceania, Asia,  and East Africa. However, one part I had always been curious is Morocco, this familiar but strange country. We have always heard stories and figures from Morocco, but it also seems so mysterious and distant geographically. When I saw this option of Intraterm, I was extremely excited to embrace this culture of Islam that I have never been really exposed to. I hope to have a trip that’s memorable with my peers where I can get to hike, intereact with locals and be “not like a tourist,” a style that I haven’t tried much in the past. Additionally, having spent four years in the US living with a host family, I am excited to meet another one in Morocco with their distinct cultures and I can’t wait to share mine as well. Something I am a little worried about is the intensity of sunlight and the mosquitos that’s present there(because I am very sensitive to both)!!