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As I have been starting to wrap my head around what I might do with my life beyond high school as far as my education, career path, hobbies. etc.  the only thing that I am entirely sure of is that I hope to spend my future traveling the world.  After being a part of the Costa Rica intraterm my freshman year, I have been inspired to learn more about different cultures than my own to understand how other people live and what values they live by.  This aspiration motivated me to travel with Student Shoulder to Shoulder to the Sacred Valley of Peru this summer to learn more about the Peruvian culture.  After learning that there was an opportunity to learn about Moroccan culture during this intraterm, I was filled with excitement that I might have the privilege to learn about Morocco and the culture of those who live there.  Going into this trip to Morocco, I honestly have no expectations.  I feel that it is best to enter a new country and culture with an open mind so that I can experience what it is like, instead of comparing what I experience to what I might have expected.  I am excited to learn about the culture, language, values, and religion of Morocco during our time spent abroad.  My goals in this experience include learning to communicate at a basic level with those who I encounter in Morocco, and to learn something new that might change my perspective as to how I live my life each day.  A fear that I have about this trip is the language barrier that I might encounter in Morocco.  I am really looking forwards to spending time with all of you in Morocco!